Cuppy Framework



Cuppy Framework enables developers using B4J(Basic for Java) a multi-platform desktop application creator by Anywhere Software to design applications faster and also create the functionality of the app.

It comes with an inbuilt theme manager which enables you to change how your application user interface looks globally with a single line of code !

Currently some of the features that are implemented are

Controls and GUI

  • Material Button
  • Material App Bar
  • Material Divider
  • Material FAB (floating action button)
  • Material Card
  • Material Checkbox
  • Material Label
  • Material Linear progress bar
  • Material Radio box
  • Material Switch
  • Material Square FAB (floating action button)
  • Modal Box
  • Dancing Bar Pre-Loader
  • Metro Circle Toggle Button
  • Metro Link Label
  • Metro Toggle Button


  • String Utilities
  • Data Generator Utilities
  • Math Utilities
  • Data Types Utilities
  • App Utilities
  • Controls Utilities
  • File and Directory Utilities


  • Inbuilt Material Design Themes
  • Style Manager

NOTE: Cuppy Framework controls/views are all native based and not web view based with an exception to most Cuppy Web Plugins which are powered by a web view engine.

To have access to the Full Cuppy Framework and Cuppy Plugins , you need to donate first.

You can donate via bitcoins, below is the wallet address for the donation


or you can scan

You can also Donate using:


PayStack(Using Master Card etc) :

After Donation,

you are required to send an email with proof of donation such as the bitcoin address you used to donate and Preferred Username In Cuppy Developers portal to : or for those using Paystack, this process is automatic and would be contacted once donation has been verified.